News Xchange 2023 Sessions Box Set

The 2023 News Xchange conference was recorded.
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Noel Curran WEB V1 JPG
Noel Curran, Director General, EBU
Noel Curran sets the scene for the event which comes at a time of unprecedented turbulence for the international...
Liz Truss MP, former UK Prime Minister
Liz Truss MP discusses the impact of the constant demands of the 24-hour news cycle on government and...
The Personal Frontline: The challenge faced by high profile broadcast journalists - attacked on social media, operating without boundaries.
Speakers: Laura Kuenssberg, presenter of BBC’s flagship politics show and former BBC Political Editor;...
The Climate Frontline: How to get this crucial issue back on the front page
Speakers: Wolfgang Blau, Co-Founder, Oxford Climate Journalism Network and Dana Beltaji, Climate News...
The Irish Frontline: After Biden and Brexit, what’s next on the news agenda at home and abroad?
Speakers: Joe Reddington, Managing Editor, Nuacht RTÉ; Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, RTÉ News; Una Kelly,...
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The Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD
The Taoiseach will be speaking about actions the Irish Government is taking to maintain a thriving media...
FT Strategies workshop: Helping news organisations engage ‘hard to reach' audiences - sharing practical lessons we’re learning
Speakers: Daisy Donald, Principal, FT Strategies and Lucas Johnston, Head of Product, FT Strategies
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The Commercial Frontline
Rachel Corp CEO of ITN, speaks about the pressures facing the UK’s largest independent commercial news...
The Digital Frontline: How Generative AI will change the news business - threats and opportunity
Speakers: Ariane Bernard, CMS, data & analytics product leader and consultant; Mark Little, Founder &...
Lyse Syria HS WEB
In Conversation with Lyse Doucet, BBC Chief International Correspondent
Lyse Doucet reflects on world events, from her unique perspective as one of the most experienced correspondents...
Reaching New Audiences - how to connect beyond traditional news outlets?
Speakers: Clodagh Griffin, Correspondent, The News Movement; Kamal Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder,...
The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate
Matt Shea, in conversation with Sasha Qadri.
Global View: News leaders define the key issues facing the industry
Speakers: Nart Bouran, Chief Executive Officer, International Media Investments and Sky News Arabia;...
The Frontline of War: views from inside the war in Ukraine
Speakers: Angelina Kariakina, UA:PBC Head of News (2021-2023), Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine:...
News Makers: Marina Ovsyannikova burst into a live news show with a placard reading ‘stop the war!’ What happened next?
Speaking: Marina Ovsyannikova, Journalist and Activist and Christophe Deloire, Secretary General and...
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Reporting Russia
Steve Rosenberg, BBC Moscow Correspondent, on the daily difficulties of covering the Russian perspective.
The Information Frontline: The growing challenge of how to make facts seen and heard against a background of misinformation
Speakers: Phil Chetwynd, Global News Director, Agence France-Presse; Helje Solberg, Chair of Faktisk...
BBC News Team - The Climate Journalism Commitment
A discussion on how, through collaboration, this pledge can become an industry reality, helping and supporting...
Protecting Frontline Journalists: How to prepare frontline reporters better, and how to support them when they’re back
Speakers: Angelina Fusco, Chair, Dart Centre Europe; Elena Cosentino, Director, International News Safety...
Mstyslav Chernov
ADDITIONAL SESSION Live from Ukraine: an interview with Mstyslav Chernov
Mstyslav Chernov is an award-winning Ukrainian video journalist with The Associated Press. He recorded...
Paul Bascobert WEB 4 jpg
Paul Bascobert, President of Reuters
Paul Bascobert, the recently appointed President of Reuters, addresses the changing landscape for the...
CNN Digital Rebranding 2014John King
John King, CNN Anchor and Chief National Correspondent
CNN's John King reviews the increasingly polarising frontline of US politics, looks ahead to the challenge...
Closing Remarks, Liz Corbin, Head of News, EBU
Liz Corbin wraps up the conference with a challenge to journalists to focus more on what people do, rather...